Hi, my name is Matt Avallone.  I am a recent graduate from Penn State University's Architecture Program, with a minor in sustainability.  In addition to my education, I run a clothing company called Two Hands, and work on freelance graphic design and photography.  For the past three years, I've had the opportunity to work, study, and travel throughout much of Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, learning about design's impact on varying cultures and societies.  This has inspired in me an itch to understand fields of design beyond architecture, such as graphic, industrial and product design.

    This website is an overview of my explorations over the last five years. Feel free to contact me via the information below: 

Contact - mja5272@gmail.com // 2h@twoxhands.com // 443-758-4000

Instagram - @xtwohandsx  @fishbxnes

LinkedIn - Matthew Avallone

Resume -