Gallopotoia - Rome, Italy

     The "Eventarium" is a flexible event space designed for the city of Rome. Located in Rome’s Villa Borghese, the project has the opportunity to connect the urban infrastructure of the city to the sizeable park and rural spaces that exist on the outskirts of the Villa. A well-designed event venue could influence tourism, and increase local involvement in the Villa's important landmarks, the Villa Medici and the Borghese Museum.
     This project aims to incorporate a space to host modern events, festivals, and conferences. The buildings allow for flexibility, creating a new idea about the “permanence” of Rome. If the buildings can change function to meet the city’s changing needs, the venue won’t become outdated. This focus on adaptability drove the idea of incorporating open floor plates that contain mini structures within them, which can be shifted or moved to allow for varying programmatic needs.

      The current use of the Gallopotoia space is for a once a year horse show event and occasional concerts. When visiting the site, I realized that these events have left the park space with little to no vegetation and ultimately in disarray. My design aims to change that by allowing events to cycle through the area and leave the park / green space in tact. 

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   The project achieved its goals by allowing a continuation of an existing structural grid system from a parking garage that rests beneath the site. This grid becomes the structure for the flexible floor plates of the project, and allows the project to span the entire site creating a programatic “bridge of events.” This bridge not only acts as an area for events and observation, but also as a connector between Villa Medici and the Borghese Museum - and ultimately a connector between Rome and the park space.


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