This competition challenged participants to create residences on the island of Poveglia, which is currently abandoned. The island is a 30-minute boat ride from Venice, so to attract and keep residents,  it also needs to be seen as an attractive destination. To create this destination, development should occur in stages, based off of interest and possibilities. 
    My proposed design creates a modular system that interacts and gains structure from the existing ruins of Poveglia. The system is created by three different sized modules that allow for expansion and contraction based on a person’s change in family, economy, or residential needs. These housing units can easily be distributed throughout the island corresponding to population growth and interest in living in Poveglia. To test for these two factors, the island would be constructed in three phases.  These phases can be seen in the site plan.   In addition to residential housing, the design would feature park space as well as markets and wineries to attract residents and tourists alike. Within the city of Venice, the canals are too polluted for people to utilize them for recreation; by using bio filtration the central area of Poveglia would act as a swimming and recreation area.