STEWARDSON COMPETITION - Flexible school system

   Since 2011, nearly three million children have dropped out of school in Syria. According to Unicef, many have been left without education for three consecutive years. Due to this shocking problem, building a school for 30 students is an important goal, but it will barely dent the overwhelming need for an education solution. In order to address the broader issue, this project provides a kit of tools rather than an individual school design. The tool kit allows refugees - the group most affected - to construct their own school from local materials. This kit is infinitely replicable and can construct anywhere from 12 to 1200 schools a year at a low cost. It can also allow for customization based on villagers' changing needs and available materials.

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   Refugees are continually on the move. Even though some areas are set up as permanent homes, most refugees are forced to travel because of family, opportunity, or newly acquired citizenship. This school system aims to provide them a constant during this traveling phase. This is generally when students would have to stop attending school, but with the "same school" construction option, they would be able to continue their studies without interruption. 

   Countries surrounding Syria each have their own laws and languages, making it difficult for refugees to localize and call a place home - especially when living in a refugee camp. Using this system, students can maintain their education and expect the same experience as at the school they just left. This will lead to more students staying enrolled as they slowly make their way to a new home.