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One Eight Hundred* Services

Category : Art
Role: Founder/CEO/Designer
Location: San Francisco, 2018


The Most Visual Visual Blog

One Eight Hundred is a design directory with the simple purpose of inspiring and indexing current cultural movements through imagery. A collaged stream of consciousness comprised of thousands of curated visuals represented visually. Curated in order to initiate ideas and establish a point of view on what is worth paying attention to. 1-800 is also paired with a collaborative design studio that aims to deliver the same inspiration and design point of view through projects, environments, events, and products.

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1-800* is the most visual out of all the other blogs that exist in the typology of “visual blogs” it can also be considered a mood boar, an index, or a directory. The purpose and usage of the website is broken into three parts: 1. to Inspire via the Feed page, 2. to Index via the Directory page, and 3. to Share via Shop & Services pages.



This page works as an infinite scroll through collaged representations of art, culture, architecture, design and historical references. These images and topics come together under one theme whether that be aesthetic, lifestyle, or political movement.

For example this is an excerpt from the “Lives Left to Live” chapter. These compositions tell this story of defining the lives we believe we still have to live in our point of view on the topic and create narratives/comparisons by placing images together. Exploring other topics like street vs high culture represented side by side. Each image is placed intentionally to communicate an idea / thought / point of view. These can be interpreted directly or abstractly - it is up the viewer to derive meaning.

02 - Directory

While the Feed is visual heavy inspiration, The Directory page is a page to source imagery by category in a utilitarian format. The images seen in the feed are all organized into the directory by category and style. Here you can dig deeper into themes or specific imagery to source/save it for inspiration later. An indexing of the internet the Directory page works as a research, design, or visual tool.

You can keep up to date with each of these streams on the 1-800* Instagram ︎

03 - Shop

The shop is a platform to create & sell products based off of our point of view on topics found in both the feed and directory page. The “services” side of the site furthers that point of view by allowing us to engage in creative work around these same topics and questions. It is also hugely helpful in extending our network and connecting us to designers and artists around the world.

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04 - Services  

Visit the page  ︎       For Services: Call +1(800)-607-5730 Toll Free

Through the digital + design platforms 1-800* aims to both index the cultural zeitgeist and then contribute to it through the services arm. Founding the services arm aims to establish multidisciplinary creative studio that offers creative direction, graphic and product design, architecture, and photography. Aiming to create the most visual visual communication and share this point of view through client relationships. Our process is focused on research, concepting, iterative design and multidisciplanary collaboration.

Some additional graphics that have been made along the way for 1-800* -