Based in
New York*,
Matt Avallone
is an Architect & Designer.


Currently Freelancing After Receiving
His Master’s Degree In Architecture From the Royal College of Art in London. Previously,  He Held An Environments Design Position at IDEO.


Matt  has spent the past few years asking the question, "what does it mean for design to be human centered?" While he hasn't fully answered the question, he has developed an extensive portfolio exploring it through architecture and environmental design projects in San Francisco, Dubai, Tokyo, Lima, New York, and Los Angeles. This question has remained consistent in his previous investigations while at the Royal College of Art, and he plans to continue asking through deeply personal and empathetic explorations and interventions. Starting to at 16, Matt learned “Graphic Design” by designing his own posters and merch for bands that he couldn’t afford to see before really realizing that he was designing. Architecture is his main interest, but he has attempted to maintain as much overlap into all other design fields as possible. Matt has received a number of awards, articles, and interviews for his work that explain his interests more deeply. For more Information or inquiries - contact me.

+1(443) 758 4000