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“Impromptu Architecture”

Category : Architecture
Role: Art Direction & Design
Location: San Francisco 2017

A publication dedicated to the reclamation of utility.

A 150 pg magazine style publication produced about the future of architecture and if it was to be distilled it is an analysis of participatory architecture and how it is encouraged by technological advancements. The prospect: Architecture as the impromptu, as the spontaneous reaction to your experience in a place. Your ability to edit and change to your liking. Released freely on our cities in order to democratize our infrastructure and our future. A place made just for you.

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Impromptu Architecture
A Preview -
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An analysis of where we’ve been, to where we could be going.

As the world’s quality of life has increased over the last 300 years, how much of it, if any can directly be related to changes in architecture? While much of architecture has been revolutionized by technology. Architecture has always been driven by the attempt to create beauty or form. From the Roman Empire to today the primary concern of architects has been the changes in structure and rarely that of the changes in utility. This book looks at how new technology can help realign the design and utility aspects of the architectural practice.

A representation of the opportunities presented by indulging in real human needs in a solution that is variable enough to solve for the world’s range of needs and desires.