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Two Hands

Category : Design
Role: Founder/Designer
Location: Washington,D.C. SS2015

I started Two Hands in 2015 as a side project to understand business and challenge my design chops. It also proved a great lesson in design, branding, and managing inventory. Here’s what it was about :

Two Hands is an urban supply company dedicated to handmade and hand screen-printed bespoke items. In love with the idea of a return to working with our hands - Two Hands represents literally the use of two hands, but also supporting the continuation of craftsmanship. Hand sewn, Hand screen printed, hand dyed, and hand painted - all of our items were designed and built with our very own two hands. In the pursuit of this, we also believe in the pursuit of nonconformity and living a lifestyle of individuality and creativity. We collaborated with outside artists and musicians on new designs and concepts. Our products are ready for everything from the streets of NYC to a hike through the backwoods of Colorado.  

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01 - Overview

A Look Into Two Hands

The brand is built on the concept of high quality materials and handmade production mixed with street cultures. A mixture of music, art, architecture, imagery, skate and punk culture. Combining all of these influences from growing up in different cities and suburbs with dedication to detail, new ideas, and pushing the existing envelope and our personal design one. Based in Washington, D.C. Two Hands worked exclusively with handmade garments and took our time learning screen printing, dying, and painting processes to design and execute the clothing and designs at the highest level of refinement. 

Below is an examination of both Seasons that were released while the company was active. 1 & 2

Season 2 -

Collage Series

A move towards a more visual direction combining of collaged imagery / styles and classic techniques of screen printing, sewing patches, and dying.

Launched in 2016 through the Two Hands webstore and three physical store locations through out the east coast.

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01 - Tyvek Jacket -  A detailed look into at a jacket created in between Seasons 1&2 for Two Hands

Waterproof industrial fabric is printed with a custom vector design to create a jacket for less than $15 a piece for materials. Through the use of cheap construction material and printers I already had access to, I could manufacture this jacket for a fifth of the cost per unit when purchasing 100+ units. It also leant itself to the hand crafted and manufactured products in the ideologoy of Two Hands. 

Season 1 -

Nomad Series

The first launch of Two Hands line in 2015.
Examining the love of traveling and what it means to go to a new destination and how that affects both how you feel and what you wear The lookbook below indexes the original thoughts and campaign that took place in Baltimore and New Mexico.

The original shirts and logo marks for Two Hands -

                                A Series of 5 panels we released -

Additional products launched for Season 1 - 
                                  Some Additional Photography done for Two Hands while traveling

Sticker Set - Three original stickers launched in Season 1 for Two Hands