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Sonder Event

Category : Art/Architecture
Role: Designer/Architect
Location: San Francisco, CA SS2017

HOW MIGHT WE bring 300 strangers into a space for an unforgettable evening of connection?

Sonder is the realization that complete strangers are living lives as rich and complex as your own. Inspired by this word, we designed a sold-out, eight-part immersive experience that brought strangers together for a night of serendipity, connection, and wonder. An Art Installation aimed on social experiences and challenging what it means to be a stranger or be a friend. What does it mean if we’re all friends? What does it mean if we’re all strangers? How can we cross both those boundaries and leave the event a different person than when you came?

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HOW MIGHT WE design a weekend that not only inspires, but also leads to better collaboration and lasting friendships?

Three-day retreat designed to bring social entrepreneurs, business women and men, artists, movers, and shakers together to co-create a world in the woods. We build psychological safety through story, encourage collaboration and dialogue, and accelerate change by unlocking human potential.