A003 Personal Project   

A year long personal project aimed at creating a visual narrative about the current landscape of art and design arranged by theme and color. The brand began as a collaged stream of consciousness meant to index imagery, inspiration, and current cultural movements. As it has progressed, it has extended from a website and instagram page into the beginnings of a tiny multidisciplanary design studio offering creative direction, graphic design, or art. Turning found imagery into a point of view on what is worth paying attention to; into custom work for clients and a platform to promote personal work and ideas. For example offering art direction for a luxury bespoke fashion house in Munich called Julius Abendroth, creating a fashion magazine with leading fashion expert and influencer Samutaro, and creating the new branding, album artwork, and album roll-out for Ross from Friends. All of these projects embed a collaged form of visual communication and using the proximity, contrast and embedded naratives of images to offer a new form of story telling.
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