A006 Professional Project  - IDEO

Museum Of The Future

A 14 week project conducted with IDEO to envision an iconic museum experience for a 125,000 sq ft museum in Dubai for the “Museum of The Future” and create a place for the world to immerse in groundbreaking futuristic innovation and design. In June 2018 a team of 4 designed the entire museum programming and created a sustainable system for establishing a series of experiences that remain differentiated, timeless, and impactful for years to come. The very words “Museum” and “Future” are in themselves almost oxymorons and for us this was the challenge of the project. The site was built completely before th Dubai government had any idea what went inside of the museum, and we were tasked with implementing an experiential “future” into the museum. We created a place where visitors are free to wonder, imagine, and see themselves in the future and the future within themselves in a context where potential “futures” have previously been restricted. 
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