A003 - 1-800* Collage


A006 - Ross From Friends Album Cover


A004 - W Chair

A009 - Julius Abendroth Puffer

A001  Thesis Project

The Collective Unification of Tijuana’s Displaced Youth”

* Nominated for the Riba Silver Medal & Architect’s
Journal Student Prize, Wallpaper Magazine’s “Architects To
Watch In 2022”,  RCA Architect’s Awards &  RCA’s Drawing
Embedded in the perpetual turmoil surrounding the busiest, and among the most contrasting international borders in the world.  For the youth growing up here ,in the shadow of this border, A new identity has formed called La Sagrada Familia, meaning “Holy Family.” Founded in protest to the plight, migration, and politics embedded in this border city and united by the subversion of traditional Mexican culture and identity. The group consists primarily of artists, designers, and musicians aged 17-25 who occupy empty structures across the city and repurpose them for artist studios, fashion shows, galleries, parties, and protests. “The Family'' perform their largest ritual act of resistance occupying a 10,000 sq m vacant space through the participatory excavation of the site, creating a perimeter-less space for impromptu congregation and self expression. The act of digging acts as a form of subversion to the politically charged locale and reveals the complex clay composition of the landscape.
Tijuana, Mexico  -  © 2021

A002 Student Project





“Reintroducing An Ancient Indian Typology to
Subvert Work and Life in Mumbai”
A contemporary Ashram built on the outskirts of Mumbai that looks to overlap labor, living, and learning in one structure through the participartory creation of a new type of communal structure. In the structure the manipulation of light, shadow, and routine the architecture encourages shared rituals, responsibilities and routine. Built in constrast to modern living in Mumbai which has been overtaken by working. This is especially true for the youth and new families who are expected to work up to 18 - 22 hours a day just to stay competitive in an ever narrowing job market. The aggregation of local terra cotta tiles creates a structure with no enclosing envelope, which through the filtration of sunlight and manipulation of nature creates an oasis for working and living off the grid  of the modern city.
Mumbai, India  -  © 2020

 A003 Personal Project   

A year long personal project aimed at creating a visual narrative about the current landscape of art and design arranged by theme and color. The brand began as a collaged stream of consciousness meant to index imagery, inspiration, and current cultural movements. As it has progressed, it has extended from a website and instagram page into the beginnings of a tiny multidisciplanary design studio offering creative direction, graphic design, or art. Turning found imagery into a point of view on what is worth paying attention to; into custom work for clients and a platform to promote personal work and ideas. For example offering art direction for a luxury bespoke fashion house in Munich called Julius Abendroth, creating a fashion magazine with leading fashion expert and influencer Samutaro, and creating the new branding, album artwork, and album roll-out for Ross from Friends. All of these projects embed a collaged form of visual communication and using the proximity, contrast and embedded naratives of images to offer a new form of story telling.
London, UK  -  © 2021

 A004 Personal Project   

The execution of a sketchbook idea - A curved steel chair made from only two pieces of stainless steel. The first cold rolled steel into a “W” shape to form the base and the second plasma cut and welded to create the backing of the chair. The steel base acts as a sculptural version of the chair comfortable enough to sit, but the addition of the cushion adds another layer of comfortability whenever necessary. These two versions allow for flexibility in its use and can act as more of an artistic piece or more of a functional piece with the easy addition of the cushion layer. The black rubberized blanket cushion magnetizes directly to the steel and can be set in place with whatever configuration is easiest and most comfortable. The steel has been blackened and sealed and the cushion rubberized, so the chair is weatherproof and can also be used in an outdoor setting.
London, UK  -  © 2021

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